custom branded natural spring water

skywater was founded back in 1997 and we are proud to lay claim to being the pioneers of custom branded bottled natural spring water in Australia

Our very first client came to us with a unique question, "How can we convey our ever changing message to our customers and reward them at the same time, leaving them feeling positive about our brand?"

We answered this question with Custom Branded Natural Springwater by skywater. Over a decade later skywater is the leading provider of Custom Branded Natural Spring Water (non-carbonated) and Sparkling Mineral Water (carbonated) in Australia.

It's simple, clear and refreshing. A healthy and caring way to deliver your message to your potential customers, leaving them feeling great. The ideal way for your brand to be recognised and remembered.

With on-going demands from valued loyal and new clients our 'goal posts' keep changing as our company evolves to meet the needs of our clients. We embrace change here at skywater and continue adding new and innovative products and services to improve the opportunities for our clients to display their brand and messages.

skywater believes in quality outcomes. That's why when you order one of our products you will receive Natural Spring Water bottled at the source in quality packaging with the highest quality label stock, finished with UV varnish to prevent label scuffing in transit. All our products are presented in cardboard cartons to prevent the product being exposed to direct sunlight from our factory to your door.

If you require any further information please telephone skywater directly on

1300 660 929 or simply email order@skywater.com.au